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Ice Cream

Blue Bunny® Ice Cream - Ice Cream Fun Facts

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  • Wells was founded in 1913 by Fred H. Wells Jr.
  • We are the largest privately held and family owned ice cream company in the United States.
  • Wells has over 2,500 employees nationwide.
  • We produce over 150 million gallons of ice cream per year.
  • It takes over 1.5 billion sticks a year to make our ice cream novelties. If you placed them all end to end, it would stretch over three times around the earth’s equator!
  • There are more than 70 Blue Bunny® ice cream flavors – what’s your favorite?
  • Vanilla is the most popular Blue Bunny® Ice Cream flavor, followed by Chocolate and Bunny Tracks®. Which flavor of vanilla is your favorite? We make Vanilla, French Vanilla and Homemade Vanilla just to name a few!
  • The annual tonnage of chocolate ice cream bar coating would cover 47 football fields at a thickness of 1 inch, that’s over 8 million pounds!
  • We manufacture ice cream for many national restaurant chains.
  • Wells purchases enough strawberries each year to fill over 1 million strawberry pies!
  • Wells products can be found in all 50 states.
  • The storage freezer at Wells is 12 stories high, a city-block long, holds 53,000 pallets of ice cream and maintains a 20 degree below zero temperature, making it one of the largest and coldest freezers in the world.
  • Blue Bunny uses 1,127,600 pounds of pecans annually, which equals the combined weight of 16 adult Humpback Whales, making our ice cream treats nuttier than ever!
  • Stacking the total number of Big Bopper® sandwiches produced in a year would extend over 500,000 feet into the sky – that’s more than 12 times higher than the flying altitude of commercial airplanes!
  • During one of our busiest weeks, 782 loads of ice cream left the city of Le Mars. That’s 4.66 trailers an hour or one trailer every 13 minutes!
  • Wells has 2 ice cream plants that produce Blue Bunny frozen products in Le Mars, Iowa.
  • There is more ice cream made in the city of Le Mars than any other one location on earth, making Le Mars, Iowa the Ice Cream Capital of the World®!