Blue Bunny


Store Locator Listing Request

Why isn't my store listed in the Blue Bunny Store Locator?
Blue Bunny products are frequently sold to distributors before they are purchased by stores. Unfortunately, these distributors may not notify us when a retail or convenience store buys Blue Bunny products from them.

It is also possible that the address Blue Bunny has for your store is a PO Box or an intersection. These do not work with the Store Locator, but you can update your store's address (see below).

I want my store to appear on your Store Locator!
We have an online form you can fill out to add your store to the Blue Bunny Store Locator. You have to fill out one form per store. Click here to get started!

I own/manage a large number of stores. Do I have to fill the form out for every store?
Blue Bunny sales representatives will work with you directly if you would like to add a large number of stores to the Store Locator. Click here to contact a sales rep.

My store's address/phone number changed. How do I update the information in the Store Locator?
Fill out our Request Form as if you were entering a new store; we will change your listing accordingly.

How long does it take to process a request?
Your store should appear in the Blue Bunny Store Locator within 1 week, pending verification of your store's address and phone number.