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Blue Bunny Football
Ice Cream Sandwiches

You’ll score a touch down when you make these Football Ice Cream Sandwiches for game time, dessert time…or any time! Scoops of Butter Pecan ice cream sandwiched between two oatmeal cookies makes this the perfect fall and winter treat!
Difficulty: Very Easy
Equipment: ice cream scoop football cookie cutter
Makes: 12 ice cream sandwiches


  • 1 lb of Oatmeal Cookie Dough
  • 12 scoops of Blue Bunny® Butter Pecan Premium Ice Cream or any Blue Bunny® Premium Ice Cream flavor
  • White frosting


Roll out cookie dough, about 1 centimeter, onto lightly floured surface. Cut 24 football shapes out of dough and bake. Build ice cream sandwich with one cookie on the bottom, ice cream in the middle and one cookie on top. Using the white frosting, pipe the football lace onto the top oatmeal cookie. Serve immediately or store in freezer.


Substitute any variety of cookie dough for oatmeal cookie dough.


Use wax paper to flatten & shape ice cream scoop before placing between cookies.
Blue Bunny Football
Ice Cream Sandwiches
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