Blue Bunny


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Ninja Turtle™ Bar Ninja Turtle™ Bar
Turtle power! Little Ninja Turtle™ fans will love our smooth cherry ice face bar complete with bubble gum eyes.
Pink Panther™ Bar Pink Panther™ Bar
Feeling in-the-pink? Our ever-popular creamy Pink Panther™ bar features sweet cherry flavor complete with bubble gum eyes.
Tweety Bar Tweety Bar
I tought I taw a Tweety bird! This creamy Tweety-faced bar features orange and cherry flavors with bubble gum eyes for a treat that's sweet.
Bugs Bunny Bar Bugs Bunny Bar
What's up, doc? Super sweet flavor! Our creamy Bugs Bunny-shaped bar features orange, mixed berry and cherry flavors complete with bubble gum eyes!
Sonic™ The Hedgehog Bar Sonic™ The Hedgehog Bar
This one's supersonic! Our creamy Sonic™ bar features blue raspberry and cherry flavors, with bright green bubblegum eyes.
Cool Tubes® Looney Tunes™ Rainbow Sherbet Cool Tubes® Looney Tunes™ Rainbow Sherbet
Everyone's favorite cool tube! Our Looney Tunes™ Cool Tubes® is made with sweet and refreshing cherry, orange and lemon-lime flavors.
Bubble Gum Snow Cone Bubble Gum Snow Cone
Your favorite flavors in icy form! Our sweet and cool shaved ice is packed with cherry, banana, and blue raspberry flavors, complete with a bubble gum gumball in the tip.