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FrozFruit® Chunky Pineapple FrozFruit® Chunky Pineapple
Catch a wave of island flavor! Our fat-free frozen fruit bar combines chunks of ripe pineapple and sweet juice for a taste of paradise, aloha style.
FrozFruit® Chunky Strawberry FrozFruit® Chunky Strawberry
This ripe berry packs a powerful punch! Our fat-free frozen fruit bar comes jam-packed with slices of real strawberry and all-natural flavor for a sweet, yet healthy treat.
FrozFruit® Double Lime FrozFruit® Double Lime
Taste the fresh-squeezed flavor in every bar! Our fat-free frozen fruit bar is made with real lime juice and all-natural flavor to give you a taste of the tropics and a bikini waistline.
FrozFruit® Chunky Mango FrozFruit® Chunky Mango
A taste of paradise for your mouth! Chunks of lush mango and all-natural flavor make this fat-free frozen fruit bar as indulgent as a barefoot stroll down a sunset beach.
Sour Cherry Bar Sour Cherry Bar
Sour to the max!  Swirled sour cherry flavored water ice frozen on a stick.
Bubble Gum Bar Bubble Gum Bar
Our famously sweet, creamy bubble gum bar swirls pink and blue bubble gum together for a treat that's hard to beat.
Watermelon Whirl® Bar Watermelon Whirl® Bar
Kids of all ages will get a whirl out of this!  Yummy red and green watermelon flavored swirl.
Madagascar Bar Madagascar Bar
You like to move it, move it! Join the penguins’ elite strike force when you enjoy this Madagascar-inspired face bar with bubble gum eyes. Every tropical punch and orange bite will make you feel like dancing!
Cotton Candy Bar Cotton Candy Bar
If you like cotton candy, you'll love this bar! 
Lucas® Pelucas® Bar Lucas® Pelucas® Bar
Your favorite traditional flavors! Classic tamarind is mixed with hot chili for a sweet and spicy treat.