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We – the people at Wells, employees at all levels – define our culture and what it’s like to work here. Our team is 2,500 strong, and consists of ice cream professionals in production, quality assurance, food science, engineering, marketing and sales, along with support areas such as finance, information technology and human resources. While we may have varied responsibilities, we share similar views of why Wells is so special, and why we choose to come to work at Wells over any other employer. Where other companies falter, Wells exceeds at promoting a work environment that supports teamwork, respect, work/life balance, and developmental opportunities for employees.

Collectively, we, the people at Wells, say it like this:
We don’t expect you
to just work for us...
We expect you to grow with us.

At Wells, we enjoy taking on new challenges and being part of a team that takes pride in what it does every day.
We grow by doing, and we do it together. Our company’s rich heritage and leadership established who we are, and collectively, we continue to build this company every day. It’s not so much what we do that differentiates us from other companies, it’s how we do it.
Individually, we, the people at Wells, say it like this:

We want to make sure that our culture continues to grow and thrive. To that end, we look for colleagues who share these values and those stated in our Fundamentals. We’re confident that by embracing and acting upon these values, our company and team members will continue to flourish.
The culture of Wells.
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