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365 Days of Fun

Here at Blue Bunny®, we make fun! Why? Because when it comes to finding happiness in your every day, fun is always the answer! So to support those looking to brighten up their freezer, take some much-deserved time off from the daily grind, or create memories with those closest to them, Blue Bunny awarded 365 days of PTO to enable our fans to go have fun.

Blue Bunny's long-time CEO and face of the Brand, Blu®, teamed up with newly appointed Chief Fun Officer (CFO), Kat Stickler, to review and approve 365 PTO submissions in hopes of bringing more fun to everyone's summer. There was only requirement: share with us how you would spend your PTO day and WOW were your answers awesome!

Fun for All

We believe in having fun year-round and we were glad to hear that you feel the same way! We received over 13K submissions with new and exciting ways to enjoy time off with Blue Bunny! Check out our favorites, we hope you'll try a few out yourself.

and over 13,000 more

Fun Never Ends

Another way to have fun all year round? Stocking up your freezer with delicious frozen treats!

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Twist Cone, Loaded Bar, and Loaded Sundae

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