Twisted Taste Test twisted text with Blu holding a life preserver

It Was Totally Twisted!

Blue Bunny partnered with Great Wolf Lodge and brought the ultimate Twisted Taste Test experience to 4 resorts across the country – Pennsylvania, Texas, Minnesota, and Illinois. For those that were able to join in person, thank you for helping celebrate the launch of New Twist pints! Hopefully you had a totally twisted time.

Want to experience a new twist on soft serve for yourself? They are now available at grocery stores and Walmart locations near you. Available in 7 flavors, each one-of-a-kind pint features two soft flavors and an ooey-gooey ribbon expertly twisted together for the perfect amount of fun in each and every bite. Grab a fun-filled flavor like Blu’s Birthday Cake or stick to a classic like Chocolate Vanilla. Whichever you choose, they are sure to be Dual-icious and take your taste buds on a twisty, twirly ride!

Girl digging into her cup of ice cream
Three kids smiling and holding their ice cream
Little girl in floaties eating ice cream
Little kid looking at all the ice cream flavor options
Man scooping up ice cream
Seven girls with Blue Bunny Swag
Kids going down a slide next to the Twisted Taste Test station
Women handing a girl some ice cream
Man sitting in a beach chair eating ice cream
Woman giving ice cream to children
Two girls smiling holding their ice cream
Twisted Taste Test ice cream area
Twisting Up Flavors of Fun, All twist pint flavors lined up
Bunny Ears

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