A mom, dad, brother, and sister staring off into the distance. Blu is also staring off into the distance. Glam your fam photosho logo to the right of them

Let's Add Some Glam to your fam!

Ready to Glam your Fam with just a few simple steps?

  1. 1. First, select the backdrop that you like best.
  2. 2. Next, upload your favorite family (or framily) photo to our platform.
  3. 3. When your photo is uploaded, let the magic happen and watch as your family photo gets a dose of 90's glam!

Once you're all glammed up, share it using the hashtag

And be sure to tag us @blue_bunny on Instagram or @bluebunny on TikTok so we can see your fam all glammed up!

Step 1

Choose your Backdrop

Step 2

Step 3

90s style flat shape background with triangles and squares

Totally Awesome! Family Photos and Frozen Treats are so in!

 Vanilla Caramel Crunch Mini Bars, Chocolate Vanilla Twist Cones, and Strawberry Shortcake Mini Swirls
Bunny Ears

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