Load'd Treats

Our Load'd treats are load'd to the last bite. We combine tons of mix-ins, ooey gooey swirls, and fun toppings into three delicious options. Load'd Sundaes® , Load'd Cones®, and Load'd Bars® come in tons of flavors, bringing the fun of the ice cream parlor straight to your freezer.

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Sundaes, Cones & Bars Load’d to the Max with Mix-Ins

Load'd Sundaes®

Packed with yummy mix-ins and swirls in a convenient single-serving cup. Load’d Sundaes are deliciously soft with tons of toppings, so expect every bite to be load’d with fun. Available in 16 flavors.

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Featured Load'd Sundaes®

Load'd Cones®

Loaded with ooey gooey swirls and mix-ins, from the whipped topping to the very tip of the cone. Enjoy the deliciousness. Available in 5 flavors.

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Featured Load'd Sundaes®

Load'd Bars®

A one-of-a-kind bar with fun-believable amounts of mix-ins. Load'd Bars are loaded with ooey gooey swirls and pieces in every bite, then dipped in a crunchy coating. Available in 5 flavors.

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Featured Load'd Sundaes®
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